Got A Noise / Steven Tyler (Acrylic On Board)

On A Mission From God / Blues Brothers  (Acrylic On Canvas)  
The Gothborns (Pastel On Paper)
Only One Dali (Pastel On Paper)
Flav  (Pastel On Paper)
So I Got That Going For Me.....  (Acrylic On Canvas)
Sterling "Pete" Peterson  (Pastel On Paper)
San Francisco Giants World Champions 2012  (Acrylic On Board)
Mike Bibby / Breaking Ankles  (Pastel On Paper)  
Hines Ward  (Pastel On Paper)
One Dala  (Pastel On Paper)
Brigitte Bardot / She Hears Butterflies (Graphite & Pastel On Paper)
Easy Riders  (Acrylic On Canvas)
The Lizard King (Graphite On Paper)

Ziggy Stardust / Space Cadet #5  (Acrylic On Canvas)

Son Of Bum (Acrylic On Board)

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