Angus Young Tantrums (Pastel On Paper) 

Kurdt (Graphite On Board)

Just A Girl (Graphite On Board)

Triple Trouble (Graphite On Board) 

Big Ray (Pastel on Paper)

Mick Jagger Red Jacket #5  (Acrylic On Board)
Keith Richards (Acrylic On Board)

Jimi Hendrix  (Acrylic On Canvas) 

Mick Jagger / So Respectable  (Graphite On Board) 
Keith Richards / Happy (Graphite On Board)

Carlos Santana (Acrylic On Board)

Jim Bow / Jimmy Page  (Graphite On Board)

Jimmy Page 1977  (Acrylic On Board)

Saint Ringo  (Graphite On Paper) 

Paul Is What?  (Graphite On Paper)

Mother Nature's Sons  (Acrylic On Board) 

John Lennon  (Acrylic On Board) 

Mr BB King (Pastel On Paper)

Cash Crop  (Graphite On Paper)

Live From Folsom  (Acrylic On Canvas) 

Half Nelson  (Graphite & Color Pencil) 

Mr Louie Armstrong  (Graphite On Paper)

Angelo Moore / Mad Vibe  (Pastel On Paper) 

Ramones / Ya Know! (Acrylic On Canvas)

Blondie / Call Me  (Graphite On Board)

H.R. (Acrylic On Board)

Mike Bibby / Breaking Ankles  (Pastel On Paper)

Hines Ward  (Pastel On Paper)

Sterling "Pete" Peterson  (Pastel On Paper)

Got A Noise / Steven Tyler (Acrylic On Board)

Flav  (Pastel On Paper)

The Lizard King (Graphite On Paper)

Easy Riders  (Acrylic On Canvas)

The Gothborns (Colored Pencil On Clayboard)

Son Of Bum (Acrylic On Board)

Ziggy Stardust / Space Cadet #5  (Acrylic On Canvas)

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