The craft of animating cut paper goes back to at least 1926. Arguably perfected by Lotte Reininger with “The Adventures of Prince Achmed.”  I am slowly gaining experience and enjoy the meticulous nature of the frame by frame process. I used joined and disjointed images from old magazines including Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, People and Thrasher to form my short videos. I like the retro feel it gives and how it lends to the old time stop motion look. I used the software Dragonframe, GarageBand and Premiere Pro. 
Watching my videos I would like to amuse and entertain you. While some may see a serious note or two the overall idea was to be a bit silly and have a little dream-like fun. In this case using an old form of animation, stop motion to do so.

A short thank you to the Illustration department at California College of the Arts

                                                                     Game On
When the reader is away the games will play. The magazines have so much attitude inside them they play each other with what ever sport pops out. In the end one blows and blows away the other magazine and some of its own players and content as well. 
                                                        One Grape Dream
This one is, “off the handle,” when a vase handle breaks free of its container and samples its own supply. After-effects of the intoxicating grape cause him to tumble towards the warmth of a National Geographic magazine. Rolling into a piggish dream the handle awakes covered in his new life. 

While at one point in my life I rode a skateboard, it was never like what you see people doing today. One thing that has not changed and that is hitting the ground.. hard. The bigger you go the harder you fall. Here you see an old diehard skater having himself a mid afternoon desk nap and the resulting “Crasher” dream.
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